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100_1175Daniel is from Renvyle in the West of Ireland. He is a seventh son in a family of seven boys and three girls. He was reared on a small farm and even though he knows only too well the tough times of the 1950’s and 60’s he had a very happy and idyllic childhood. Only too anxious to get out in the world to start earning money, he left school after doing his Leaving Cert in 1969.  After rearing a family of five daughters and one son he took up studies again more than forty years later. After passing his legal exams ‘with distinction’ in 2011 he did the same with ‘Self-Employed Accounting & Taxation’ in 2012 and again in 2013 he ‘passed with distinction’ a Creative Writing Course with The Open College in Dublin. In between he ran and continues to run a very successful property rental business that he built up gradually over many years. Due to his acute business skills and experience he was fortunate not to get caught up in the dramatic collapse of property empires that destroyed so many people who bit off more than they could chew! Always keenly aware of the high price that was paid for Irish Freedom and Independence he walked from Renvyle to Dublin to commemorate and celebrate 1916 and the long Struggle to acquire Freedom, Independence and Sovereignty for Ireland. This story is recorded in his first book called: My Great Walk Across Ireland. As well as writing articles and stories he loves writing poetry. Some of his poems have been appreciated and praised by among many others, Presidents, Princes, Archbishops and even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip enjoyed his poems about their Royal Visit in 2011. His first book of poetry is  entitled: Take Your Ease & Rest Awhile, Enjoy Some Poetry From Renvyle.

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