My New Book – Croagh Patrick & Me

daniel 1In writing this book there were several people who gave me tremendous support and encouragement. Without the support of my wife Sheila and family this book would not have been written or indeed my venture on Croagh Patrick would not have happened. Readers of my previous books, who were complete strangers,
told me in letters I received from them, they looked forward to my next book, while at the time I hadn’t a notion of writing another one. I found the staff at Galway City Library very helpful and obliging.
I would like to thank Tír na nÓg Publishers and also Ndrek Gjini MA of Galway Academic Press for their help and counsel. Much of the historical research for this publication has been done using search engines on the internet. Other sources, where appropriate, are credited throughout the book. Special thanks to Ronnie Counihan of Renvyle House Hotel, one-time home of Oliver St. JohnGogarty, for once again making the hotel available for the Launch of this book on
Sunday 25th October 2015. I am grateful to Micheal Ó Conghaile and staff at CL Print Connemara for the excellent job they’ve done once again. Who would be going to China or even the UK, pennypinching to save a few bob! on printing costs when you can
get a better job done at home in Connemara for the same thing or maybe less in the long run. To my son in law, Pat Coyne, for invaluable help and expertise with photography and everybody who helped me in any way – sincere thanks to you all.


Find My Books in Amazondan2My Great Walk Across Ireland

36999_454062812845_4007988_aThis book tells the story of a 300 kilometre walk in 2009 from Renvyle in Connemara to Dublin’s GPO, the symbol of Irish Freedom.

It was written to celebrate and commemorate the long hard struggle to win Independence and Sovereignty after 750 years of subjugation. Millions of Irish people down through the centuries would have dreamt of, and would have loved to see the Tricolour flutter high over the GPO and other public buildings, but sadly so many missed witnessing this experience.

They wanted no more than their God-given right to live and work and rule their own country. Thanks to the 1916 Leaders, Robert Emmet, Wolfe Tone and the men of 1798 and thousands more like them Ireland today stands proud amongst the nations of the world. Ireland survived the Great Famine in the mid 19th century and no doubt will recover from the present financial difficulties and hopefully will always remember with pride and gratitude the great sacrifices our fore-fathers made to achieve our Freedom. Walking across Ireland was my way of saying ‘thanks’ to all those great people. In my journey I encountered so many people and places, famous bridges, rivers, monuments and cathedrals, bog roads, thatched cottages and motorways etc. In between there are many other interesting stories that I hope you enjoy and that will tickle your fancy!

After all the hostility and bitterness between Ireland and England throughout the centuries it is ironic now that Ireland has achieved its Independence, relations have never been better between our two countries, just as Robert Emmet, the Darling of Ireland, predicted in 1803.

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